Paper Mill
For Sale

The site is now under development to utilize the land as a commercial industrial park – The Verdant Industrial Rail Park. 
As a result, the following equipment is now available for sale.

Machine History

  • Originally installed at Gold River, British Columbia as a newsprint machine in 1988. With a design speed 4500 fpm on 30 lb. News (825 mtd @100% efficiency), which shut down in 1993.
  • Disassembled and crated in 1996 with intention to send to Albury, Australia.
  • Shipped to Lufkin in 1999. Rebuilt by Metso to produce SCB and started up in 2001. The rebuild consisted of:
        • New headbox.
        • Former rebuild to Metso roll-gap former design.
        • Replacement third press frames designed for future shoe press.
        • Online OptiLoad Supercalender (6 rolls).
        • Reel rebuild to include secondary arms centerwind assist.
        • New Winbelt winder.
        • Metso XDi DCS and Metso QCS (gauging).
        • Started up in 2001. Design speed 4500 fpm on 32 lb SCB. (825 mtd @100% efficiency).
        • Shut down in December, 2003.